Wednesday, March 31

Zoo Day!

yeah, i'm sorta famous.

what's the big deal with the prairie dogs? they look like squirrels.

very brave boy, he treated the goats like he treats finley! a little pat then off to something else.

beth was a little more unsure about them, but she did quickly touch one or two.

outside the monkey cages.

he wasn't too interested in the animals, he wanted to run around and climb on everything!

so happy to finally see the elephants! this is all she asked to see, all day.

it was a perfect day for the zoo, the weather was gorgeous and the flowers were in bloom!

a beautiful smile. :-)

what's a trip to the zoo without friends? there were big girls and little brothers. this is sadly the best picture i got of them, ha!

he finally gave in at the end of the day (around 2 pm). he got just enough of a stroller nap to not sleep at all on the way home!

Monday, March 29

Easter Egg Hunt

Our church hosts an Easter Egg hunt every year and this was our first year to attend. They have hunts for the kids in different age categories, so it's not like the 1-year-olds go against the 5-year-olds. Actually, it wasn't much of a "hunt" as the eggs were all just tossed into an empty field! The kids had fun; Luke just wanted to open and close the plastic eggs and of course Beth was obsessed with the candy.

Friday, March 26

New things

a future play room/game room/home school room/entertainment room/etc. just a big open room at the top of the staircase. :-)

luke's room, eventually the boys will share this room since it's huge

beth's purple room. we're working on a shabby chic feel in here. her furniture used to be mine, and before that it was my mom's! my dad sanded, stripped and painted it for beth.

a shoe basket (there's another by the front door). we've decided that our home will be a shoe-less home since our backyard tends to be soggy and shoes get very dirty!

our steep staircase. there are three steps, a small landing, then the flight leading to the upstairs game room. we couldn't figure out how to get a gate around the three small steps so those are free steps- no wipe outs yet (knock on wood).

an aerobic septic system. yup, we're septic now.

our big backyard. our lot is 20K sq feet, which is a little under 1/2 an acre. we have no fence yet, and the backyard is very low. we have lots of standing water in the back, and there are a few "holes" in the middle of the yard where water tends to stand. there are also lots of crawfish holes!

a view of the backyard from beth's room. if you click on the photo to make it bigger, you can see our small bog. we also have a hawk that likes to hunt back here, he sits on the telephone wire and swoops down for breakfast and dinner. sometimes we see him twice a day.

our downstairs formal room, which is currently our playroom. we spend most of our day downstairs given the fact that the kids can't go up and down to play, so for now the formal room is the kid's room.

a half bathroom! yay!

Tuesday, March 23

The move

old living room-the day before the move

old living room- two days after the "big" move- we still had a bit to clean out!

last play time in beth's old room

in beth's old room

new living room, in progress during the move

new living room- six days after the move. mostly put together.

our second morning in the new house, the view out my back french doors

enjoying breakfast on our second morning

the "formal" room, which is a playroom for a few years until the kids are old enough to go up and down the stairs without my supervision. this was during the move.

hello counter space. i think this photo alone is at least double the space from my old house!

child labor is awesome. my youngest brothers (with beth and luke's help) ripped out dead plants and added mulch to my front garden beds.

beautiful long FLAT front driveway, plenty of room for bikes and trikes

playing together nicely...for now.


Monday, March 22

We've survived!

I think this might be the longest stretch of time I've ever gone without blogging!

Our internet was hooked up today at our new house, so I finally have the opportunity to write a little. We moved last Saturday, March 13, and spent our first night at our new house that night. Ryan had a few helpers to get the big stuff over here and I had help from my family during the week (thanks to a well-timed spring break!). Currently our house is set up, and the important stuff is unpacked. I seem to have misplaced my USB cord so I can't pull pictures from my camera! The kids have adjusted very well, Beth loves her new bedroom (the walls are lavender at her request, and she has new-to-her furniture) and Luke is sleeping incredibly well for some reason. Ryan and I still have a lot of work to do (mostly baby-proofing stuff still) but we're trying to take things a little slowly now. I passed my 27th week of pregnancy this past Saturday,which puts me at entering my third trimester this week! I don't think I "0ver-did it" during the move, but I'm definitely feeling the effects of standing and leaning over. And the stairs! My calves were so sore for a few days! This two-story house better keep me in shape after I have this baby!

We have lots more to blog about but I'm going to save it for when I can get the pictures up!

Wednesday, March 10

Explaining the move

We went over to the new house this morning to have pest control come spray before we move our furniture over. We were only there for a few minutes but I got a couple of cute pics of Luke. Beth is going through a "don't take my picture!" phase and will pout terribly if I try, so I've stopped trying. I'll give it a few days! Everything's a phase, right?

We have a long sidewalk in front of our house, and it's not like the sidewalk is coming up or broken, but for some reason Beth and Luke have each wiped out several times. The weather has been in the mid-70s and absolutely lovely, so they've both been wearing shorts. Now both of their little knees are all scraped up! Luke found a fire ant pile this morning too, luckily I noticed before the ants crawled onto his skin. The bug guy said he's spray the fire ant piles too, so I'm hoping that when we go over there tomorrow they'll all be dead!

We have a drainage issue in our yard- as in it doesn't drain. We have a ton of crawfish holes! The back of the backyard is a small pond after it rains, and the rest of the yard is very soggy and takes forever to dry out. Ryan really wants to remedy this problem, any ideas? We haven't looked into it much, our initial thought is just to add more dirt to the yard to build it up.

We spent our afternoon at home today, packing up a little more. I thought Beth had a pretty good understanding of the concept that we are moving houses, but today she sort of freaked out when I took her shelf off the wall. I've packed up books, toys and decor from her room, but I guess the shelf was more of a permanent fixture. She stated crying, asked me to leave it up and said she wanted to leave it in her room. I tried to explain that her room would be in the new house, and we'd put it for her there. She told me she wanted to leave it for the next people to use this house, but I still don't think she fully grasped the idea that this house won't be ours anymore. It was sort of sad, but I have no doubt she'll adore the new bedroom I have planned for her!

Despite the tears, they did enjoy playing with some boxes today. We made a couple of houses that they knocked over quite a few times. ;-)

Tuesday, March 9


The silence of nap time. I love nap time around our house- from 1 pm to 2 pm, the house is mine. It's true that I usually hop in bed too, but on rare occasions I find myself awake after a perfect 40-minute nap and the kids continue to sleep on. Before I fall asleep, I try to remember to ask God to give me the sleep I need- no more and no less. There were days (and I'm sure there will be quite a few in the future) where I begged for sleep to come over my kids, but I'm grateful at the moment to have a few moments to myself, whether or not Beth is actually asleep. Some days I'm sure she just plays in her room, but you know what? It's quiet in my house. And that's what I need, so it's what God gives me when I remember to ask!

Saturday, March 6

State of our house

We closed on our new house yesterday! We are the proud new homeowners of this house! Sadly, we haven't been able to get into the house yet since the bank hasn't gotten to the paperwork yet. But on Monday, this house is ours!

We spent most of today packing up, I think at this point we have most everything other than the frequently-used stuff in boxes. We still have to pack up the kitchen, all of our clothing, and some other random stuff.

This morning I went to a consignment sale and spent $21.25. I bought clothing for the boys- Luke got a jersey, a romper, 1 Janie and Jack shirt, 2 Gymboree outfits and 1 obnoxiously large 18-wheeler toy, and #3 got 2 onesies and 3 Gymboree outfits. I feel like I won the lottery!

And now, here's just a cute picture of Luke. :-)

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