Tuesday, July 28

Lost Sling!

I've lost my sling! I think it's for real this time- we went to the mall and I remember putting it in the stroller with Luke, and I haven't seen it since. I've called the mall and the shop we were in, but neither of them have it in their lost and found. I'm so sad, but I've been searching the internet for another one. A cheap one. :-) If anyone has one, I'm looking for a size 3 Hotsling, Sprout Pouch or Peanut Shell.

I've been trying to upload photos the past couple of days, but for some reason it isn't working. Maybe tomorrow!

Sunday, July 26

Luke sits up

This morning was the first time I saw Luke sit up like this- from laying on his belly all the way up! Yay!

Friday, July 24

The thorn

Here is my effort to recreate my previous post that I lost; wish me luck!

The other day when I took Luke to the doctor, I had an appointment for Beth also. Beth had two things going on with her, the first being a bump on the back of her left thigh that I noticed sometime last October. The bump was big and purple, but there was nothing else to be seen. Last week I noticed something was starting to poke through, and she soon started complaining that it hurt her. We had Dr. F. check it out and he wound up pulling out a thorn! As it turns out, she apparently was injured after that fall into the rose bush when we went to Austin last year to evacuate after the hurricane!

All the metaphors that this little thorn in her thigh could symbolize... I could go on for a long time...

But, I will continue with the second reason we went to the pediatrician for Beth. She had several "accidents" in her car seat, so frequently and so out-of-place that we believed they weren't accidents after all. (Since Beth potty trained in January, she has had no accidents in the car.) Just to be cautious, I asked the doctor to check for a UTI; it came back negative. So Dr. F. and I spent some time talking about her actions- why she was choosing to act out in this way, what sort of attention was she getting, how I should handle the situation. I was already handling it pretty well, but he told me I should just 100% ignore it, not even correct her slightly (I was telling her that, "Tinkle only goes in potties!" and hiding my anger until after she was in the other room.) Her car seat is not easy to take apart to clean five days in a row!!!

The ordeal made me wonder- if she's begging for attention- why? How am I not meeting her needs? What am I doing that has made her feel like she has to cry out for attention in this way?

It made me feel inadequate. Like I don't have enough time in the day for her, that I'm not giving her the attention she needs. Or is it just attention she wants- and that I'm doing a just fine job? There's no way to tell (though I'm sure most of you would argue I'm a good mom). Sometimes I catch myself devoting too much attention to things other than her, the internet especially!

Nevertheless, it's been sort of a wakeup call for me. It's good to occasionally have reminders of our priorities, and this was a well-needed reminder that my kids need to come first! Where before I have caught myself giving Beth minimal attention to make her happy so that I can move on to my next chore, I now linger a little. I give her deep, heartfelt hugs, even when she doesn't ask for it. I give her lots and lots of eye contact, and try my hardest to stop what I'm doing to give her my undivided attention- even if she just needs to show me that she swaddled her baby for the 10th time that day. These are things I've done in the past (I've always made an effort to fill her "love tank"), but sometimes good habits slip out of habit.

And you know where this is going...Yup. Resetting priorities? Good habits? Since last fall, I've distanced myself with the Catholic lay movement that I've been involved in since I was a teenager. Since then, my prayer life has struggled! This lay movement offered me a very structured prayer life, and being the type of person I am, I need struture! So I get into good habits, then fall out very easily- I guess so much so that you could say they were never really "habit" to begin with! I've simply started begging our Lord to call me to Him, to give me the grace to never want to go a minute without thinking of Him. It's working, quite well actually. I've posted a few extra bible quotes around my house (Proverbs 31 especially!) and been more faithful about incorportaing structured prayer into my day. Actually this past week, I brought Luke and Beth to daily mass for the first time since before having Luke! WOW what a blessing- what a grace!- to be able to actually participate! Beth and Luke behaved wonderfully!

So in my effort to set priorities straight again, I plan to make a few resolutions regarding my prayer life. I like to set goals and write stuff down, so this will help me!

I think the message that I'm drawing from all of this is to be prepared. Is to not let things get so out of control that pee in the car seat has to remind you to pray.

Wrapping it all up and tying it all together... The thorn? The urine? Priorities? I can't seem to come to the same conclusion I did when I previously wrote this all down, but it was a good one. Feel free to offer me your thoughts, ha! Right now I'm going to go have a glass of wine and make a list. :-)

Thursday, July 23

9 months old and some random thoughts

coming tomorrow!

edited: You will not BELIEVE what happened. I had a LONG, beautiful post saved that I was going to add here, detailing Luke, the past 9 months, Beth, my motherhood thoughts and I even tied some religion all in there... GONE. How annoying. Deep breath...

I will have to work on this later. What a bummer. In short, here's the numbers:

Luke is 18 lbs even, which puts him in the 10-25th percent for weight, and he's 28 inches long, which puts him in the 25th percent. We visited Dr. F. yesterday for his well-baby checkup, and he has no worries about Luke! Still no teeth, not even any signs of teeth. He is still occasionally pulling up, but he doesn't seem to be in any hurry to get mobile (I guess I'm okay with that!). When Ryan gets home, Luke practically jumps out of my arms to get to Ryan, it must be quite a warm welcome for Daddy with Luke doing that and Beth running to the door yelling, "My daddy! My daddy!" Luke is all smiles all the time now, and his big sister constantly makes him laugh. It cracks me up to see them together, I was waiting for these moments!

All of my other deep thoughts will have to come later... If I can remember them...

Wednesday, July 22

Sunday, July 19

Weekend in photos

corn-shucker, from last week. she did this all by herself! (yes, she dressed herself too. when your kid can dress herself, you don't care what she wears!)

i don't remember why he was so smiley, but i love it.

first pathetic cucumber. it's still growing though. if you look closely, you can see a shriveled up one right next to it. that's what happens when they don't get enough water!

another happy picture.

he was playing with daddy on the bed.

our house guest for the week. layla and finley are having lots of fun together!

me and bethie right before i trimmed her hair. it was getting long but it's still thin since her layers weren't even yet. so i fixed that!

what her hair looks like now. if it looks crooked, it's probably because it is!

hee-man. he carried in most of my groceries tonight, all in one trip. and closed the trunk and the front door behind him. and i don't even have to tip him!

Saturday, July 18

Decorating a house

When we moved in, Ryan and I were very satisfied with the condition of our house. We liked the paint in the living room and kitchen, so all we (um, him and our friends and family) had to do was paint the bedrooms. We brought in furniture that was leftover from high school and college- most of it was junky or not our style. Two summers ago we got our living room in decent condition, buying two new sofas and getting a huge entertainment center for a steal on a local web site. We left our old coffee table and end table, not sure of its fate given we'd have babies soon. I've since added some art and what I'd like to think is matching decor. There's no curtains, or "window treatments" (the PC term, right?), but we're both okay with that since we have nice wood blinds and enjoy the sunlight streaming through every day! I have no idea how to classify our taste, but I can say that I don't like art or decor that is meaningless. I don't like going to the store and buying something because it's pretty- instead, what we display is family photos, religious art, and other things that were gifts or have other sentimental meaning. So maybe our home will never look like it came out of a magazine, but I like knowing that every last thing has a meaning. :-)

Beth's room is in pretty decent condition. She's 2- don't expect much. I loved her room when she was a baby- her crib bedding matched her wall paint perfectly, and I tried to match an image of Our Lady and Baby Jesus with the roses I chose for her bedding. Seriously, I spent a lot of time thinking about it, and I loved how it turned out. Now, it's sort of a mish-mash of things- a full-sized bed on the floor with a hand-me-down bedspread, every last one of her toys since we have no toy room, and a matching Ikea dresser and shelving unit. At least those match!

Luke's room is under construction again. I had a freebie set of matching things in there, cute but not really my style. I've since decided I want to do his room in a sailboat/nautical theme. I bought some curtains from Wal-Mart that are my inspiration, ha! I bought an extra set to make a matching crib skirt, then plan to frame an 8x10 photo I took of him at the beach for the wall. I have a really great photo of me and my grandfather on his sailboat from when I was young (3?4?5?) that is really cool, but I don't know if it should go in his room or not. Why not, I guess?

Next up is our bedroom. Today we made a big purchase! After much deliberation, we picked a bedroom set from Star Furniture. We bought a 4-poster bed, dresser with mirror, and gentlemen's chest (not the armoire in the picture, something different). Ryan is tired of living out of hanging canvas baskets in the closet. ;-) I will have to find one or two night stands, as those were a little big for our room (and out of our budget!) so it's up to me to be thrifty. It will be delivered mid-August, so hopefully by then we'll have found a comforter that we like (we're both really picky!) and re-paint our bedroom. I think we want to go for a grayish-blue color, kind of a slate. We have to figure out if keeping the dog crate in our bedroom will ruin some sort of feng shui or something, haha, it's not the most attractive thing in the world but there's no room for it anywhere else! Ryan and I are both incredibly excited about the bedroom set, I think this is the biggest purchase we've ever made together (okay, other than a house and a car!). We're just happy that we'll have matching furniture in our bedroom!

Friday, July 17

Anniversary Gift

Ryan and I decided not to do big gifts this year, but I had my eye on this months ago and surprised him. It's a custom plaque, with our family name and year "established." I found it on etsy.com (love that web site!) and ordered it from A Simple Impression. She handmade it for us- did a beautiful job- and Ryan loves it. Ours is maroon and of course, has our name on it!

Thursday, July 16

4 years

Happy anniversary to us! 4 years ago I married my love. I just have to say that looking through all these pictures to find some cool ones brought back some great memories. I really adored every single thing about our wedding! Here's to many many more years of bliss!

Enjoy these rarely-seen pics. I liked them but don't think I've ever shared these ones before!

Wednesday, July 15

More milestones


In the past several days, Luke has started pulling up, waving, and saying "dadadada!" Ok sure, he doesn't know he's saying "DaDa" as in "daddy" but it's still a new syllable for him. :-) He's also waving, albeit quite a non-recognizable wave, but if you say, "Luke, wave hi!" and wave at him, he'll lift his arm, curl his fingers and shake his arm. So cute!

for the record, these pictures were taken immediately after he pulled up all by himself!

a picture of my big helper! vacuuming is a good job for a 2-yr-old!

Monday, July 13

A first!

Luke pulled up today, all by himself! I wasn't even in the room, I was spying on him and Beth through the doorway (out of their site, haha). They were playing nicely together so I just sat there enjoying it, then he pulled up on Beth's little piano. I ran to get my camera, but by the time I had it pulled out and ready to go, he'd fallen over and was in no mood to repeat his performance. I'll try to have it ready next time!

Today Beth was a guest at The Little Gym. I really wasn't sure how she'd do, given our previous experiences, but she loved it. I was so surprised! The class was an hour long, and she went into the gym while I stayed outside with Luke and watched her- she didn't look back at me until about 40 minutes into the program, and she just kept right going! There were about 8 kids in the class and they did some running around, basic gym things, and pretended they were princesses (and princes- that was the theme today). I am seriously considering enrolling her for the fall, but she'd have to be in a class that would require my participation, and that would be hard with Luke! It's also expensive, but I'm justifying it by saying we're not planning on putting her in preschool anytime soon (if ever). It's just a thought right now, we'll see what happens!

Sunday, July 12

Beach 2009

We just got back from our annual trip to Port Aransas! The kids had so much fun- we all did! Beth just loved playing in the sand, especially burying her feet, and Luke did pretty well eating, uh, playing in the sand also. ;-) We invited our friends Pat, Katie and kids to come with us, but still got to see my family every day out on the beach. I loved introducing a place I've grown up going to and have come to love to special people in my life. Every year it looks a little more touristy, but I suppose that when my mom and her family started going there 40-something years ago, it probably was still an almost-deserted island at that point. We liked the new place we stayed in, so if anyone needs a recommendation I would definitely suggest our condo!

And now for the pictures! There are a lot, I got a lot of good ones this year!

crossing the ferry, luke was asleep so he missed out on a picture of his first ferry ride!

luke's first experience with sand. he decided to take a big bite.

since the kids woke up at 6:20 the first morning we were there (a little earlier than normal), we decided to eat a quick breakfast and walk to the beach. we were out there by 7:30, it was empty, calm, beautiful and peaceful.

the first day, my aunts, cousins, mom, sister and i threw a surprise baby shower for my cousin! i think we had a nice time.

the girls before we hit the beach. they liked that both their cover-ups had hoods!

rafting in the shallow water.

luke fell asleep on me and let me lay him down. this actually happened a few times but by the last night he wasn't sleeping so well. he and beth were so worn out each night, but i think they were so wound up that they had a hard time falling asleep.

cutie in her "hot tub"

evening family picture. poor luke was so sleepy!

my family (minus one brother) on the beach. we missed michael soooo much!

flying a kite with daddy. it was a cheap kite so it didn't fly very well or high, but it was exciting enough for beth.

hmm luke, what have you been up to?

burying hands and feet. it was the funniest thing to her.

ryan caught two fish at the same time! two! i thought this was the coolest thing. they were hard heads, apparently one of the least popular fish in the gulf.

enjoying the sand.

they got serious about building a sandcastle last night. i think one of the biggest we'ver ever built. pretty cool, huh?

Friday, July 10

Standing up

Luke is so close to pulling himself up! I think within another couple of weeks he'll have it down. I can tell he's going through something developmentally right now because he hasn't been sleeping as well at night, and each time I go in to soothe him he's pushing up with his arms or legs. I think I'm ready for him to get moving, he spends time now playing on the floor with toys but sometimes I think he'd be much happier if he could move around to get what he wants. I realize this means baby-proofing all over again, but it's different now. The electrical outlets are all still covered, but now we have to make sure big sister's toys aren't going to be dangerous to little brother. Or that he won't pick up a dog chew toy...Ew...

(having a big ol' cloth diaper on his booty makes for much softer landings when he falls on his tush!)

Wednesday, July 8

Jumpy Jumpy!

Luke finally figured out how to use the jumparoo!

Sunday, July 5

4th of July

Happy 4th of July! We went to our town's parade in the morning- it started at 9 am but I'm certain it was already 95 degrees by then- it was HOT! We dressed Beth and Grace in their matching 4th of July dresses, and we had a man ask us if they were our twins or someone else's. They do look similar! It lasted for 2 long hours, then we went to our community pool. Last year they grilled hot dogs and had snacks, but this year they only had candy. Too bad, we were counting on a free lunch, haha. Instead, we had fast food burgers and Luke took a nap. We grilled with our friends that evening and planned on going out to watch the fireworks, but Ryan and I decided to stay home and let the kids sleep. We were all totally exhausted! But overall we had a really good day!

ready for the parade to start!

daddy and luke

sleepy boy!


luke fell asleep on me in the pool...

...and was so tired he let me lay him down on a pool chair!
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