Thursday, September 28

Lamaze Class

Tuesday night we attended our first childbirth class. It was a Lamaze class (, held by a certified Lamaze instructor in her home. We were there with 3 other couples- two first-time parents and the other couple on their third. The teacher was wonderful! She's almost 60, but the youngest most peppy 60-yr-old out there! She's been teaching Lamaze for a VERY long time and is really dedicated and really believes in the method. Tuesday night was mostly an introduction of sorts, we talked about the method of Lamaze (it's not just "breathing") and also a quick rundown of the phases of labor. My DH told me afterward he learned more about childbirth in those 2 hours than he has in the past 6 months! He's also coming to understand *why* I want to have a med-free childbirth, and is fully supportive of us switching to an OB who is more commited to having a low-intervention birth and also of hiring a doula. I am very excited! :-)

Yesterday, after getting a recommendation, I called a new OB and set up an informational interview. I've heard he's very low-intervention, stepping in only when medically necessary, and a really pleasant doctor to work with. DH and I have just felt really pushed aside by our current OB, we barely get the time of day from her when we see her. Hopefully this transition will go smoothly.

I've been reading several books on childbirth- The Birth Book by Dr. Sears, Birthing from Within by Pam England, and now the Lamaze book she just gave us (I don't remember the name!). I want to get Natural Childbirth, the Bradley Way next, hopefully the library has it! These are great books, and I recommend them to anyone who will be having a baby anytime, ever.

I've never been the type of person to use the word "empowered" because it always sounded so feminist to me, but I have to admit that Tuesday night was the first time I think I've ever felt truly empowered. It's nice to be reminded that childbirth IS a natural thing- women have been doing it for thousands of years! My body was MADE to be a host to this baby while she is forming and preparing to enter the world, and my body was built to birth her and then feed her. And birth is not such a terrible, horrible experience, otherwise why would women continue giving birth? Because the outcome is worth it!

Thursday, September 21

It's been awhile...

Ok so I know it's been awhile since I've posted. Oops.

Yesterday marked the first day of my third trimester. Another milestone!

Here are some pictures that DH and I took with an amateur photographer on the 16th. We were ouside for about an hour, and honestly I thought I was going to die because of the heat and humidity. We were a bit disappointed with the way they came out- my hair was horrible because of the humidity, DH felt a bit awkward with the photographer, I think I should have worn different clothes, and I wish the photographer had a bit of a better eye for some of the photos. In most of them, I don't even think I look like myself. But maybe that's how I do look?

Not much is new on the baby front. I still feel Bethany moving every day and I'm still getting progressively more and more uncomfortable. It's near impossible for me to lean over and touch my toes now- or at least tying my shoes is a lot more difficult. I'm just so excited that she's getting bigger and bigger! Not too much time left now!

Saturday, September 9

House Hunting

Today we went house hunting, though looking at our "schedule" I'm not so sure why since we're not ready to officially close yet. But I guess we're getting a good feel for what's out there... Unfortunately not too many beautiful houses in our budget! Several houses we looked at were a waste of time, it was our realtor's first visit to most of these homes I think so he wasn't aware that there were issues with some of the houses (exposed studs without drywall?). We're hoping to find something this might need a little bit of easy work initially, and then we can fix things up as we live there longer and after we have a bit more money to put into it.

We did see a couple of houses we liked, but one was priced out of our budget (we can always offer though, right?) and the other had a few things I didn't like (like a wet bar and it had no utility room). But, the thing is, like I said earlier, we're not ready to close yet so I don't think we're ready to make an offer. If those houses are still on the market in another few weeks, we'll go from there.

Last night and today we saw some of DH's old friends that he (we) haven't seen in years. It's really great being able to catch up with old friends, I really hope we have the opportunity to stay in touch with them and others along the way. :-)

Thursday, September 7

In the middle of the night...

I haven't slept one full night in at least 4 weeks because I have to go to the bathroom. I think this means I won't be sleeping through the night for the next 18 years.

Just a thought.

Wednesday, September 6

26 week doctor appointment

Yesterday DH and I had our 26 week doctor appointment. Basically, we have to go every four weeks, so this was just a routine pee-in-a-cup and hear-the-heartbeat appointment. Unfortunately we had to wait in our room for about 45 minutes until a nurse came in and told us that our OB was delievering a baby and would be in soon... So the appointment took a bit longer than it should've! It stinks that every time we visit our OB I like her less and less. She seems very arrogant and barely gives us the time of day- once I had to chase her down because she ran out of the room before I had a chance to ask her questions. Yesterday she told DH, who isn't yet sold on the idea of having a doula attend our birth, that doulas are in her opinion, unncessary. Especially if you have a good relationship with your OB. Well, that didn't help my case any. Luckily DH takes everything she says with a grain of salt since she's not really the best doctor in the world. The good news is she hasn't tried to tell me I need botox or other sorts of beautifying services she now provides... *sigh*

At least the whole experience makes the decision to switch OBs if and when we move quite easier. Since we *hopefully* will be moving in November, we'll have to find a new OB before then and start seeing her hopefully sooner than later, to develop some sort of relationship with her.

The update: my waistline is now 39 inches (measured right under my belly button) and I'm up 14 lbs. And since Bethany is kicking the heck out of the inside of my belly now, I'll take that as a hello from her. :-)

Friday, September 1

It's official.

I look pregnant.

Before today, I've not had a stranger ask me when I was due straight up without my mentioning that I was expecting (except one guy, but I'm pretty sure he was on something and had no sense of tact). Today I've been outwardly asked at least three times, without my prompting. And I'm wearing a black shirt that makes me seem less big, in my opinion (see picture below). But nevertheless, I've reached that stage where people are confident enough to ask about the baby without hesitating or wondering "Is she pregnant or just a little chunky around the middle?".

The answer is most definitely, pregnant. Though when I'm stting down and slouching the chunky part is up for debate.
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